Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Citytv Making a Comeback??!!!

Will Citytv return to its glory days?
 With 2010 being the worst possible year for Citytv, as they fired many staff cut programs, and lost their voice, does 2011 have a comeback in store?

Rogers put a press release out saying City Calgary will have a new half hour supper local show (Your City type of thing probably, hopefully not), and City Toronto will bring back their weekend newscasts. All of this will happen early next month.

Now we know that City Calgary's show will probably be a flop, but CityNews Weekend in Toronto is something to be excited about. CityNews is unlike any other newscast, youth full, upbeat, and the weekend news scene without City is very boring. Who will anchor these programs? Find out by the end of this month (hopefully).

Will other City Toronto newscasts come back, and will the long awaited CityNews Channel launch? We'll see in the month(s) to come.

In the comments suggest anchors for both programs and we will e-mail them to the stations for maybe consideration from them.

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