Monday, December 13, 2010

Local TV News Notes...Global Maritimes Gets Meteorologist, and /A\ Windsor Moves Down the Dial


Native Maritimer to lead both evening newscasts at the station where his meteorological career began

Global Maritimes is pleased to announce the return of meteorologist Trevor Adams to its weekday news team. Beginning this Monday, December 13, Adams will use his extensive meteorological skills, and vast knowledge of Maritimes climate patterns to provide Global viewers with the most precise and up-to-date weather information in the region. Adams can be seen weeknights on Global Maritimes’ Evening News at 6:00 pm, and at 11:00 pm on the News Final newscast.

“Bringing someone of Trevor’s calibre back to Global represents our continued dedication to providing Maritimers with the most informative and locally-relevant newscasts possible,” said Troy Reeb, Vice President, Global News. “Trevor’s experience across the Maritimes has earned him the respect of his peers and the trust of the community alike. His expertise and extensive meteorological training are a huge advantage in giving our viewers the accurate weather information they need to plan their day.”

A Moncton-native, Adams began his meteorological career at Global Maritimes as the weekend weatherman in August of 2000. After a brief stint at CBC’s Toronto affiliate, Adams returned to Global Maritimes where he presented the weather part time until 2007. Adams is passionate about learning, and holds several degrees, including his Bachelor of Journalism from the University of King’s College, a Master of Science degree from Mississippi State University, and is currently working towards his doctorate in education. Adams is a member of both the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) and has obtained the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Seal of Approval.

In addition to being a full time meteorologist, Adams also teaches geography part time through Saint Mary’s University’s continuing education department. He is fluent in French and American Sign Language.

Global Maritimes’ Evening News airs weeknights at 6:00 pm AST. News Final airs at 11:00 pm AST

/A\ Windsor Moves From Channel 60 to Channel 26 on Jan. 8, 2011 For TV Antenna Viewers For viewers who catch their favourite /A\ Windsor programs on Channel 60 via over-the-air television antenna, change is on the way. Starting January 8, 2011, /A\ Windsor moves down the dial from Channel 60 to Channel 26. This switchover is the result of area wireless service upgrades.

//A\ Windsor viewers who tune in to the station via antenna on Channel 16 or on Cogeco Cable Channel 6 are not affected by the switchover, and will continue to access /A\ Windsor on the same channel.

Starting today, /A\ Windsor will be launching a four-week advertising campaign to announce the change. A series of ads reminding viewers of the /A\ Windsor move from Channel 60 to Channel 26 will run on local television and radio and in print.

/A\ Windsor programming dates and times will not be affected by these changes.

These press releases are from the official corporate media websites. 

Federal Taxes Too High?? Blame CBC Expenses

A great image by Sun Media, showing CBC's
"money drain".
In 2007, an access request to CBC asked them to release how much money was spent in several areas, including salaries, equipment, programming, and the total cost of producing news and travel expenses, and guess what was found...CBC employees make on average 39% more than the average Canadian.

Rather than asking for specific amounts, such as news anchor Peter Mansbridge’s salary, the request was for the global total spent in a single year. Most of the information requested was stripped out.
The costs for CBC’s French language services were released but total costs for running English radio and television were withheld. CBC’s French services in the year ending March 2007 was $456,351,832.
Questions on equipment purchases, travel and programming went unanswered.

On the salary side, CBC spent $507,290,389 on salaries for full-time, temporary and contract personnel.
Full-time employees at CBC earned an average of $55,712 in 2007, compared to an annual income of $40,092 for employed Canadians – meaning CBC employees were paid 39% more than the average Canadian.

On Tuesday, Conservative MP Paul Calandra will ask members of the Commons access to information, ethics and privacy committee to support his call for a study of CBC’s reaction to access to information.
While CBC recently took out ads to trumpet openness there have been ongoing battles over access, including CBC fighting the information commissioner in court to keep some information secret.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Global's Winter 2010/11 Schedule

Very likely to go 'Off the Map' in ratings.
If that is confusing it is a good thing.
Global Winter 2011 Schedule:

8:00PM: House (Simulcast FOX)
9:00PM: Chicago Code (Simulcast FOX)
10:00PM: Hawaii Five-0 (Simulcast CBS)

8:00PM: Glee (Simulcast FOX)
9:00PM: NCIS Los Angeles (Simulcast CBS)
10:00PM: The Good Wife (Simulcast CBS)

8:00PM: Survivor (Simulcast CBS)
9:00PM: NCIS (POST-Release CBS)
10:00PM: Off The Map (Simulcast ABC)

8:00PM: Wipeout (Simulcast ABC)
9:00PM: Bones (Simulcast FOX)
10:00PM: The Office (POST-Release NBC)
10:30PM: Outsourced (Simulcast NBC)

8:00PM: Kitchen Nightmares (Simulcast FOX)
9:00PM: Haven (Season 1)
10:00PM: 90210 (POST-Release The CW)

7:00PM: The Simpsons reruns (Simulcast FOX)
7:30PM: The Simpsons reruns (Not in Simulcast with FOX)
8:00PM: The Simpsons (Simulcast FOX)
8:30PM: American Dad (POST-Release FOX)
9:00PM: Family Guy (Simulcast FOX)
9:30PM: The Cleveland Show (Simulcast FOX)
10:00PM: Brothers and Sisters (Simulcast ABC)

Sundays in March
7:00PM: The Cleveland Show (PRE-Release FOX)
7:30PM: American Dad (Simulcast FOX)
8:00PM: The Simpsons (Simulcast FOX)
8:30PM: Family Guy (PRE-Release FOX)
9:00PM: The Celebrity Apprentice (Simulcast NBC)
New Series:
Chicago Code - Mondays at 9
The city of Chicago is a paradox that serves as the setting for Shawn Ryan's new drama, THE CHICAGO CODE. In this series, the audience is the passenger, taking an unpredictable ride through the streets of Chicago and navigating crime and corruption with the most respected - and notorious - cops in the city.

Off the Map - Wednesdays at 10
Executive producers Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice) and creator Jenna Bans (Grey's Anatomy) bring to viewers an uplifting medical drama that explores how far one has to go in order to truly heal.

Citytv's Mid-Season 2011 Schedule

Harry's Law - A show that might actually be worth a fit into our
tight schedules!
Citytv mid-season primetime programming line up is as follows: (all times ET)

8-10pm – The Bachelor, Season 15, s/ABC (Jan. 3)
10-10:30pm – How I Met Your Mother
10:30-11pm – Rules of Engagement

MONDAY: (Starting Jan. 17)
8-10pm – The Bachelor, Season 15, s/ABC (Jan. 3)
10 -11pm – Harry’s Law, s/NBC (Jan. 17)

8-10pm – The Biggest Loser: Couples, Season 11, s/NBC (Jan. 4)
10 -11pm – Parenthood, s/NBC

8-9pm – Minute To Win It, S2, NBC(Jan. 5)
9-9:30pm – Modern Family, s/ABC
9:30-10pm – Cougartown, s/ABC
10-11pm – Chase (returns Jan. 12)

8-8:30pm – Community, s/NBC
8:30 – 9pm - 30 Rock, s/NBC
9pm – 10pm – Law & Order: UK
10pm – 11pm – Murdoch Mysteries (encore presentation)

THURSDAY: (Starting Jan 20)
8-8:30pm – Community, s/NBC
8:30pm – 9pm – Perfect Couples, s/NBC
9-9:30pm – HIMYM
9:30 – 10pm – Parks and Recreation, S3, s/NBC
10-10:30pm – 30 Rock, s/NBC
10:30 – 11pm – Rules of Engagement

8-9pm – Supernanny, s/ABC
8-9pm – Who Do You Think You Are?, S2, s/NBC (Jan. 21)
9-10pm – Fringe, s/FOX (Jan. 21)
10-11pm – Mantracker

7-7:30pm – What’s Cooking?
7:30 – 8 – Most Amazing…
8-8:30pm – Glenn Martin, DDS
8:30 – 9pm – Out There with Melissa Dimarco
9-11pm – Canadian Movies

7 – 8pm – America’s Funniest Home Videos, S21, s/ABC
8-9pm – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, s/ABC
9-10pm – The Cape (2 hour premiere) s/NBC
10-11pm – Murdoch Mysteries (encore presentation) starting Jan 16

SUNDAY: (starting March 6)
7 – 8pm – America’s Funniest Home Videos, S21, s/ABC
8 – 9pm – Marriage Ref, S2, s/NBC
9-10pm - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
10 – 11pm – Murdoch Mysteries (encore presentation)

Additional premieres:
Body of Proof, premieres Tuesday, March 29 at 10pm.
Murdoch Mysteries, Season 4 premieres Wednesday, March 16 at 10pm.
My RONA Home, S2, premieres Sunday, April 3 at 9pm.

* schedule subject to change


Harry’s Law (s/NBC)
Emmy® Award-winning writer/producer David E. Kelley (Boston Legal, The Practice, Ally McBeal) weaves his rich storytelling into a new legal dramedy -- starring Academy Award® winner Kathy Bates -- about embracing the unexpected and everything life throws at you. Harriet Korn (Kathy Bates) doesn't believe things happen for a reason. But they do. A curmudgeonly ex-patent lawyer, she is abruptly fired from her blue chip law firm and is forced to search for a fresh start. She finds it when her world unexpectedly collides, literally, with Malcolm Davies (Amil Ameen, The Bill), a good-hearted college student who desperately needs Harriet's help in court and subsequently goes to work for her. No sooner has she found her feet and new offices in an abandoned shoe store than legal hotshot Adam Branch (Nate Corddry, The Invention of Lying) accidentally hits her with his fully loaded BMW. Inspired by Harry's no-nonsense understanding of the law, Adam takes leave of his shiny corporate firm to help out. Now, these unlikely kindred spirits -- with the help of Harriet's shoe-savant assistant, Jenna (Brittany Snow, Hairspray) -- are ready for whatever walks in through the doors of "Harry's Law and Fine Shoes."

Perfect Couples (s/NBC)
Perfect Couples depicts the misadventures of three engaging couples as they struggle to find out what makes the ideal relationship -- and how to maintain it through humorous trial-and-error. The series explores their heroic journey in search of the perfect relationship without destroying each other in the process. Dave (Kyle Bornheimer, Worst Week) and Julia (Christine Woods, Flash Forward) are the relatable, normal couple, but Julia's hope of remaining the cool, low-maintenance chick is tested by Dave’s attempts to keep both his wife and his needy best friend Vance (David Walton, 100 Questions) equally happy. Vance, along with the neurotic Amy (Mary Elizabeth Ellis, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), are the high-passion, high-drama couple who bring out the best and worst in each other. The third duo features Rex (Hayes MacArthur, She’s Out of My League), a reformed party guy, and, and his wife, Leigh (Olivia Munn, Attack of the Show), who considers herself as the group’s mother hen. Believing that they are relationship experts, Rex and Leigh have attended every class and seminar on relationships -- and regard themselves as the "perfect couple." Jon Pollack (30 Rock) and Scott Silveri (Friends) are the executive producers while Andy Ackerman (Seinfeld, The New Adventures of Old Christine) is director. The series is produced by Universal Media Studios.

The Cape (s/NBC)
The Cape is a one-hour drama series starring David Lyons (ER) as Vince Faraday, an honest cop on a corrupt police force, who finds himself framed for a series of murders and presumed dead. He is forced into hiding, leaving behind his wife Dana (Jennifer Ferrin, Life on Mars) and son, Trip (Ryan Wynott, Flash Forward). Fuelled by a desire to reunite with his family and to battle the criminal forces that have overtaken Palm City, Vince Faraday becomes “The Cape" – his son’s favourite comic book superhero – and takes the law into his own hands.

Body of Proof (s/ABC)
Body of Proof, the new one-hour drama starring Dana Delany (Desperate Housewives). Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) is a brilliant neurosurgeon whose world is turned upside down when an accident puts an end to her time in the operating room. In her new career as a Medical Examiner, she is determined to solve the puzzle of who or what has killed the victims. Along the way, Megan finds that their lives and the lessons they hold can be applied to her own personal journey of redemption and forgiveness.

Still 'Fight' in Asper

Leonard Asper, from the old Canwest (now Shaw Media) has bought a significant stake in The Fight Network, alongside other shareholders including Loudon Owen and Ed Nordholm.

Since he owns most of the network he has claimed CEO position. He plans on investing a lot of money into new programming. Hopefully he does a bit of a better job than he did at Canwest specialities...

People are wondering why he wouldn't go for MLSE??? Well, he doesn't have enough money for Canwest, so imagine what he would do to the Leafs?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CTV BC Announces New 6pm Anchor Team

Yesterday, Bill Good and Pamela Martin, the current anchor team on CTV BC News at 6, both announced they would be stepping down at the end of the month. And today CTV BC announced Mike Killeen and Tamara Taggart as the new anchor team, starting January 3rd.

"Mike and Tamara are the perfect combination to take our newscast into the future,” said Tom Haberstroh, Vice-President and General Manager, CTV British Columbia. “Both are already huge viewer favourites and well-respected throughout the community.”

"Co-anchoring CTV NEWS AT SIX in my hometown is truly a privilege, something I've dreamed of since before broadcasting school,” said Killeen. “I'm really excited to be anchoring with Tamara. Along with CTV's incredibly talented team of reporters, editors, camera operators and producers, we will deliver BC's best newscast every night."

"This opportunity is by far the most exciting challenge of my career,” said Taggart. “Vancouver is my hometown: to get to do this in the city I love is an honour. The best part is that I get to share this experience with Mike, who is not only a great journalist but a good friend.”

Who will be the new weather anchor of CTV BC News at 5, 6 & 11:30? Stay tuned...