Thursday, December 9, 2010

Global's Winter 2010/11 Schedule

Very likely to go 'Off the Map' in ratings.
If that is confusing it is a good thing.
Global Winter 2011 Schedule:

8:00PM: House (Simulcast FOX)
9:00PM: Chicago Code (Simulcast FOX)
10:00PM: Hawaii Five-0 (Simulcast CBS)

8:00PM: Glee (Simulcast FOX)
9:00PM: NCIS Los Angeles (Simulcast CBS)
10:00PM: The Good Wife (Simulcast CBS)

8:00PM: Survivor (Simulcast CBS)
9:00PM: NCIS (POST-Release CBS)
10:00PM: Off The Map (Simulcast ABC)

8:00PM: Wipeout (Simulcast ABC)
9:00PM: Bones (Simulcast FOX)
10:00PM: The Office (POST-Release NBC)
10:30PM: Outsourced (Simulcast NBC)

8:00PM: Kitchen Nightmares (Simulcast FOX)
9:00PM: Haven (Season 1)
10:00PM: 90210 (POST-Release The CW)

7:00PM: The Simpsons reruns (Simulcast FOX)
7:30PM: The Simpsons reruns (Not in Simulcast with FOX)
8:00PM: The Simpsons (Simulcast FOX)
8:30PM: American Dad (POST-Release FOX)
9:00PM: Family Guy (Simulcast FOX)
9:30PM: The Cleveland Show (Simulcast FOX)
10:00PM: Brothers and Sisters (Simulcast ABC)

Sundays in March
7:00PM: The Cleveland Show (PRE-Release FOX)
7:30PM: American Dad (Simulcast FOX)
8:00PM: The Simpsons (Simulcast FOX)
8:30PM: Family Guy (PRE-Release FOX)
9:00PM: The Celebrity Apprentice (Simulcast NBC)
New Series:
Chicago Code - Mondays at 9
The city of Chicago is a paradox that serves as the setting for Shawn Ryan's new drama, THE CHICAGO CODE. In this series, the audience is the passenger, taking an unpredictable ride through the streets of Chicago and navigating crime and corruption with the most respected - and notorious - cops in the city.

Off the Map - Wednesdays at 10
Executive producers Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice) and creator Jenna Bans (Grey's Anatomy) bring to viewers an uplifting medical drama that explores how far one has to go in order to truly heal.

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